Matt Jackson Founder and Chief Executive Officer of UGC

Jeremy Packer Chief Technology Officer of UGC

UGC league Management

For immediate Release September 1st 2021

Matt Jackson and Jeremey Packer announce partnership as as ESO's official league/tournament management partner.

At UGC, we are the community, the players, the fans. Our passion for gaming and esports runs deep. Our love for the games we play is reflected in the product we produce. Community, passion, education, and empowerment are the waypoints that have guided us from “1v1ing” in our basements to the main stage at Caesars Entertainment Studios, Las Vegas.

While other market participants are just beginning to raise money to tackle niche corners of the industry, or others are satisfied with the status quo, we have evolved over our ten-plus year commitment to esports to reflect where the sector is going, and build a fully immersive experience for tomorrow’s player.

We have spent over a decade consistently building this loyal following, earning a reputation as a bone fide community member and a premier leader in the sector. We are great at what we do, but we have to be better than everyone, including ourselves.

This is precisely why we have gone beyond our claim to fame, and architected an all-inclusive and scalable esports ecosystem, unlike interlopers in an industry strewn with single-service providers aimed at just one market sector.

We strongly believe esports is for everyone, which is why we remain deeply committed to leveraging the infrastructure we have built, and the relationships we have cultivated, to elevate an industry we are convinced will conquer traditional sport.

We are excited to partner with Esports Ohio, and look forward to a long scholastic partnership with them and the community they serve.