Auverin Morrow Current Lead Community Manager for Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-REz Studios

For immediate Release January 2021

Auverin Morrow Lead Community Manager announces partnership between ESO and Hi-Rez studios

Grassroots esports initiatives are the lifeblood of any competitive ecosystem, and high school esports play an essential part in that ecosystem. Not only do these esports programs provide students with the opportunity for valuable extracurricular engagement, but they're also an excellent means for developers & publishers to cultivate long-term interest in their game titles. Our esports team here at Hi-Rez has loved working with the organizers at Esports Ohio, and it's been a pleasure to watch them share their passion for esports with the students they serve. Getting to connect with student competitors directly and encourage them to get hands-on with our game titles has created a lot of new fans we may not have had otherwise. We wouldn't be surprised if our next esports superstar comes out of their competitive ecosystem!