esports ohio Moderators

CG Vulcan

I am CG Vulcan or irl its just Kush and I am a sophomore at Bryan high school. I love playing games like Valorant and fortnite and streaming on twitch and overall having a good time. I wanna be a professional gamer and streamer, also wanting to own my own gaming team, outside of gaming I also enjoy doing other things such as karate and band.


My online persona is “Dex” but most people know me as Jaydon. I attend Bryan High School and I am currently a Sophomore. I have a passion for video games whether it’s a strong linear story or a competitive FPS. I am currently on the VALORANT esports team.


Hello everyone, I go by Lxna in the ESO community. I attend Bluffton Highschool- and in early November of 2020 I had become a moderator, but have been apart of Esports Ohio since January of 2020. I really look forward in seeing you all in the near future!


Yoooo, itz me, Scrapz! I use it/its/its pronouns and love to make and draw characters! I'm currently in college for Animation with Concentration on Character Design and Storyboarding! I like to stream as a Vtuber on Twitch, write music, commentate tournaments, draw stuff, play games, and make videos too! (Have you seen ESO's "How To" Series??? :O) and remember kids, don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;D


I'm Graham, also known as smb. I'm a Senior at Ashland High School as well as the Captain of the Smash Ultimate team and member of the Fortnite team. I've been playing in Esports for about 2 years and have been playing games competitively for over 3 years. As well as being proficient at Smash and Fortnite, i'm also ranked top 20 in the world in the game Spin Rhythm XD. I've been a major advocate for Esports at AHS and have a passion for playing games and forming community around them.


"Hey fellow gamers! I'm formally know as "StorM" but my real name is Luke. I can be found playing games for Bryan esports. I am a freshman playing fortnite for Bryan!"


I'm one of the moderators for the Esports Ohio discord server. I compete in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for my school's esports team. Its been amazing being apart of this moderation team. I'm glad to be on this team and help ESO keep their server a fun and safe place for everyone.