Jared Craigo

Jared Craigo is a content creator and life-long gamer seeking to become more involved in the eSports industry. Rich narratives, meaningful art styles, and emotionally-evocative characters allowed Jared to immerse himself in video games and pursue them for as long as he can remember. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of English from Cleveland State University where he honed his skills in writing, editing, graphic design, video editing, communications, education, and more. Jared began call-casting for Oberlin High School’s League of Legends eSports team in the fall of 2021 and has been inspired to be more involved with eSports and schools since. Joining the eSports Ohio group as a volunteer/intern, Jared hopes to explore and attain his passions for community and gaming.

Jackson Phillips

Jackson is a student Miami University studying Emerging Technologies in Business and Design with an Entrepreneurship minor. He is also part of the Miami University varsity esports program, as part of the Hearthstone team.Jackson was a key streamer in the SW Lan Tournaments streaming for over 24 hours, also leading to Middletown becoming a Twitch Affiliate. He hopes to find work in the esports industry in an attempt to get my foot in the door and start a successful esports career for myself.