[PioneerCTC] Asovea#1732

This is Johns third season as a coach for Pioneer CTC. I teach chemistry, environmental science, and drone technologies. John has completed in amateur leagues somewhere around the time our students were born, before it was big. I have also coached summer swim league and enjoy the outdoors.

Jonathan Richardson

[Dublin Coffman] MagicStarz#5730

Jonathan is science teacher and the Esports coach at Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, OH. Jonathon has been with ESO since the spring of 2021. I love doing the Esports team but I also know the challenges of balancing it with teaching and my family. I would love to help anyone that needs help so that they can maintain their life balance.

Jared Vanerten

[Buckeye Central] jaredmv#1045

Jared coaches the Esports program at Buckeye Central High School which is a relatively smaller program compared to some of the others in ESO. He has coached Buckeye Central's teams for the past two years (4 seasons). Unlike some of the other coaches/members, I am not a teacher, I am actually an App Developer at Ohio Mutual Insurance Group.

Chris Mcclellan

Coach McClellan [East Canton]#6382

Coach McClellan has coached esports at East Canton now for 2 years. I have since taken on the role of president and founder of esports Ohio Middle School division. I also have been teaching for 15 years. I have been married for 9 years now and have a 3 year old daughter who is my world. I know how overwhelming it can be to try and get it all in line before a season starts. I will walk you through each step and give you advice on how to build your program.

Cory Canan

Cory Canan [OW Committee]#5357

Cory Canan is starting his 14th year teaching and first year as director of music at Bradford Schools in Northwest Ohio. He is a 2006 graduate of Ohio Northern University and received a Masters of Music degree from Kent State University in 2013. He currently teaches grades K through 12, music and band. Cory is also the coach of the Scholastic Bowl team, directs the fall play, and is the voice of Bradford Basketball.

Cory started his gaming career on PC with Warcraft II. That evolved into Warcraft III and eventually Starcraft, both I and II. It was this love of gaming that led him to create an Esports team while at New Knoxville Schools. Cory enjoys helping students create an appreciation for gaming and the discipline that goes into improving themselves and working as a team. Cory is very happy to be a part of Esports Ohio and is looking forward to further growing his own program. Game on!