esports ohio CommitTee Members

Cory Canan - Overwatch

Cory Canan is starting his 14th year teaching and first year as director of music at Bradford Schools in Northwest Ohio. He is a 2006 graduate of Ohio Northern University and received a Masters of Music degree from Kent State University in 2013. He currently teaches grades K through 12, music and band. Cory is also the coach of the Scholastic Bowl team, directs the fall play, and is the voice of Bradford Basketball.

Cory started his gaming career on PC with Warcraft II. That evolved into Warcraft III and eventually Starcraft, both I and II. It was this love of gaming that led him to create an Esports team while at New Knoxville Schools. Cory enjoys helping students create an appreciation for gaming and the discipline that goes into improving themselves and working as a team. Cory is very happy to be a part of Esports Ohio and is looking forward to further growing his own program. Game on!

Discord: Cory Canan [OW Committee]#5357

Jessie Dorman - Central/Southeast Region Head

Jessie Dorman has is in her 15th year teaching science. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Microbiology and then went on to work biodefense at Battelle in West Jefferson, Ohio. While enjoying science, she did not like the grant chasing and politics involved and decided to become a teacher. She has always enjoyed playing games, and has played most consoles since the Atari. When not grading or doing tasks for the Virtual Eagles (New Albany's Esports team) she is often playing video games with the family. Jessie loves coaching Esports because even though she doesn't play the games offered, she does game and it is fun to just hop on and pay a joke around with the kids.

Discord: Dorman [New Albany]

Joe Kaiser - Rocket League

Joe Kaiser has been teaching English at Norwalk High School since 2007. He launched the inaugural esports program at Norwalk in the fall of 2019, and continues to serve as lead advisor. His new favorite hobby is following professional esports leagues and tournaments for the games played in Esports Ohio. Joe brings over a decade of coaching varsity sports to the esports teams at NHS. He has a wife and two children, all of whom enjoy watching and playing games, as well as three cats, who enjoy sleeping in front of the Xbox at home.

Discord: Coach Kaiser [Norwalk - RL Cmte]

Jake Molyet - Scheduling

Jake Molyet currently is the Director of Technology for Mohawk Local Schools in Sycamore, Ohio. He grew up in Old Fort, he atteneded Baker College and graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology and Security. Jake enjoys following esports, specifically Cloud9. He plays several games on consoles and mobile but he specializes in League of Legends. He has been an enthusiast since he picked up the game in 2016. Jake is married with two children. He loves spending time with his family as well as golfing on the weekends.

Discord: JMoylet [Mohawk]

Amy Morgan - Middle School Committee

Hello, my name is Amy Morgan. I am in my 13th year at Saint Ambrose School in Brunswick, Ohio. I grew up in Castalia, Ohio (home of the Blue Hole) and went to Bowling Green State University for my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and continued my education at Ashford University where I received a Master’s in Teaching and Learning with Technology. After I graduated from college I moved to North Carolina and taught 1st grade for two years. I am the wife to Ken for 14 years and a mother of two children, Olivia and Kenny. We enjoy going on family bike rides, going to the beach and traveling to visit our family.

I am the Technology Director at Saint Ambrose. Prior to this position, I was blessed with the opportunity of teaching 2nd grade to many of our students at Saint Ambrose for six years. This is my sixth year. In this position, I promote the use of technologies to support student achievement in all of our classrooms. I also work to provide support to all of our staff in the area of technology. Throughout the course of the year, I provide professional development opportunities to provide various experiences for growth in technology integration into the classrooms. I also am the coordinator of our distance learning lab. Our students have a wonderful opportunity to participate in virtual field trips and global opportunities integrated with what they are learning in their classrooms. I also work to facilitate many opportunities for our students. Most recently I started an esports team that doubled in size the last two years. Esports has been a huge topic throughout our halls and I decided to jump in and start a team. Our students that participate absolutely love it.

Discord: Coach_Morgan [Saint Ambrose]

Darren Pocek - Onboarding and Signups

Darren Pocek is a co-head coach of Bedford High School’s Bearcat Esports Team. Pocek coordinates the team’s Esports Ohio seasons. Believing that esports competition, alongside traditional athletic competition, is an idea that’s time has arrived, Pocek worked with students, teachers, administrators, community, and business leaders to build a state-of-the-art esports facility at Bedford High School. “The students, above all, are what made this happen”, he stated at the facility's launch party. Darren states that, as an educator, among the best reasons to become heavily involved with esports is that it is a student led initiative. His experience began when one student approached him about starting a team. That one student turned to six. A semester later, that six became thirty, then forty. The enthusiasm demonstrated by the students convinced school officials that the Bearcat Esports Team needed its own facility, and should stand alongside all athletics. Darren is a graduate of Chanel High School, and Kent State University. He is a teacher of fifteen years. Darren is married to his beautiful wife Maria, has children; Lilly, and CJ, and a dog named Chip. In addition to coaching esports, Darren is the advisor to Pop Culture Lit Club; his students have held panel discussions at Wizard World Cleveland for the past five years. Darren is a loyal Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, Browns, and Columbus Blue Jackets fan.

Discord: Coach Poek [Bedford]

Seth Post - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Seth Post currently teaches band and chorus at Elder High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally from Akron, he attended Miami University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. Gaming has been a hobby and passion for Seth ever since he picked up his mom’s original Gameboy as a kid. Though he plays a variety of games, he specializes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and has been an avid fan of the series since the original game on Nintendo 64. Other than playing music and games, Seth enjoys hiking, exploring, and spending time with friends, family, and his two cats.

Discord: @Coach Post [Elder HS]

Joe Stringer - Valorant

Joe Stringer is the head coach of Middletown Esports, and is currently an educator at Middletown High School teaching physics. Partnering with a local university, Joe helped Middletown grow an Esports program and develop an arena for their players. He enjoys all video games and teaching people about the ever-expanding field of Esports. Growing up in Michigan, Joe attended MSU and got some experience with the League of Legends esport. Hoping to grow the understanding of Esports within schools, Joe joined Esports Ohio determined to help wherever possible.

Discord: JStringer [Middletown HS]

Ryan Williams - League Of Legends

Ryan Williams is a band director at Perrysburg High School in his 7th year. He graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Music Education degree with a specialty in percussion. Ryan currently teaches two concert bands, marching band, pep band, percussion ensemble, and AP music theory. Ryan has been playing video games since he got his PS2 and GameBoy Advance SP in Junior High. He enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering, hanging out with his dog Xylo, playing DnD, and streaming games on Twitch. Ryan appreciates ESO providing the opportunity for students to engage in their passion through the titles we play, and is excited to help out more with Esports Ohio this season!.

Discord: Coach Williams [Perrysburg]

Current Openings - Fortnite, SMITE and Streaming (For more info DM a League Committee Member)