UGC Account Signup Coaches and Players

It's as easy as 1..2..3

Click on the banner below and begin your signups whether a coach/ admin or player.

Select Sign up

Make sure to use the link above to so as to allow you into the ESO Portal/ Domain.

1...Fill in Account Info

This the login in credentials you will use for the rest of your time in ESO. This will be your recruitment screenname and your profile name. Please choose wisely as you cannot change it once completed.

2...Select Student or administrator

Please make sure to select either student or administrator, as these allow you to play in the ESO Portal.

3...Create your profile

Please fill out the following as accurately and as detailed as possible so as to keep records up to date through the season, eligibility possibilities open, and possible recruitment.

Avatar images are 150px width x 150px height

Cover images are 1460px width x 300px height

Students Only

After finishing your account setup you will be prompted to select from a list your state which should be Ohio, and your High School, Career Center, or STEM School

Coaches Only

After finishing your account setup you will be prompted to select from a list what best fits your description of administration. Please select the correct description and follow the prompts

Now Begin Connecting to Games...

Choose a title

Sign up for every title you would like to compete in. Even if you may not have a team this current season. Titles can also be added later.

Enter your Gamertag

This will be the account you will use for the remainder of the season. Make sure it is the one you want to use for ESO competition and tournaments.

With all players signed up and connected to their games, Coaches begin creating teams.....

Once all of your players are registered, and paperwork completed you may begin signing them up for league play if you run into issues with signups please use the link below...