Welcome, we're glad you're here!

Welcome to Esports Ohio, a free-to-join educational non profit esports organization and league created by teachers for students. Our vision is to create a world where electronic sports are embraced as a positive educational and developmental change agent for all students. We would like to extend this welcome to all students, coaches, administrators, and parents of those interested in participating. ESports is an ever growing and ever changing group of electronic game competitions. We here at ESports Ohio have a singular mission to empower educational institutions with the direction, support and educational resources to implement, maintain and compete in electronic sports initiatives for all Ohio high school students. Within this organization we are striving to give you and your students the best possible accommodations for educational value, competition, involvement, and recruitment.

What are eSports?

Esports is short for electronic sports. Electronic sports are competitive electronic games of strategy that can be played individually or as a team. The versatility of game-play and game genre make esports one of the most versatile competitions in the world and also one of the most popular.


We are a FREE grass-roots implementation of High School Esports in Ohio officially affiliated through the school districts focusing on providing student opportunities for esports at the high school level. Locally controlled by a board of educators. This insures the highest level of quality play and sportsmanship are upheld.

We currently have several universities located in Ohio that currently offer competitive collegiate esports. With the recent partnership of PlayVS and NFHS in April, the statewide sanctioning of esports in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Texas, the recent adoption of esports at OSU, and the local construction of one of the largest esports arena in the nation at Tiffin University, now is the right time to get the ball rolling for our students.

Please join us in our efforts to provide students the opportunity to compete for their school with esports.